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Release: U.S. Attorney Berman announces conviction of Trump immigration protester Therese Okoumou for climbing Statue of Liberty on July 4.
NYSNYS News 12/18/2018

Release: Cuomo reports PSC approval of energy efficiency and energy storage targets initiatives to combat climate change.
NYSNYS News 12/14/2018

Release: Cuomo transcript, Youtube video of rally with striking IBEW workers outside Spectrum NY1 studios. He attacks Spectrum News coverage, corporate parent Charter's abuse of its employees.
NYSNYS News 12/6/2018

Release: In SD41 race, Smythe concedes to incumbent Senator Sue Serino.
NYSNYS News 12/4/2018

Funeral services scheduled for Senator Jose Peralta, 1971-2018, on November 26 and 27 in Queens. His Senate biography is attached.
NYSNYS News 11/26/2018

LCA radio show for Wednesday, November 20, 2018: Arbetter has Elia, Dunlea, repeat segments on Syracuse lead poisoning and anti-Jewish violence.
NYSNYS News 11/21/2018

Release: Obituary of Brendan Fitzgerald, 41, aide to Spitzer, Paterson and Cuomo and current executive deputy secretary of state. Statement from Cuomo included.
NYSNYS News 11/20/2018

Release: Former DOCCS Clinton worker Denise Prell gets year in jail for sex with inmate, contraband conviction.
NYSNYS News 11/14/2018

Release: Nassau DA Singas says Schneiderman won't be charged with any crime for assaulting his sex partners. Statute of limitations apply, also NYS law doesn't address what he did. She proposed new crime of sexual harassment.
NYSNYS News 11/8/2018

Release: RWDSU union says Amazon should not get public subsidies for opening an office in NYC.
NYSNYS News 11/7/2018

New York State Register October 31, 2018/Vol. XL, Issue 44: Notice of increase in Medicaid rates for long term care and institutional services. Empire Center says increase ordered by Gov. Andrew Cuomo will go toward pay raises.
NYSNYS News 11/3/2018

Release: Cuomo announces award honoring Trooper Joel Davis, shot to death while responding to violent domestic call in Jefferson County.
NYSNYS News 11/1/2018

Release: Corruption in America Survey ranks New York among the worst states for legal and illegal corruption in executive, legislative branches. Judicial fares better in survey of reporters across the U.S.
NYSNYS News 11/1/2018

Release: Empire Center op-ed says Cuomo's poor stewardship of state highways system is in sync with his approach to subways: 'a focus on megaprojects, frills and quick fixes at the expense of essential but more costly long-term repairs.'
NYSNYS News 10/31/2018

NYSNYS NEWS headlines posted on Thursday, October 25, 2018.
NYSNYS News 10/26/2018

Release: Molinaro says Cuomo was a disgrace during the debate. He is about to be indicted. 'An unhinged Andrew Cuomo lied, yelled and blustered his way through a one-hour cage match.'
NYSNYS News 10/24/2018

NYSNYS NEWS headlines posted on Friday, October 19, 2018.
NYSNYS News 10/20/2018

Release: IBEW union says politician boycott of NY1 cable channel expanding because of Spectrum strike.
NYSNYS News 10/17/2018

Release: Federal prosecutors announce arrest of Assembly member Joe Errigo on bribery charges. Case involves unnamed lobbyist, second Assembly member, and NYS DOT project.
NYSNYS News 10/12/2018

Release: Federal prosecutors announce arrest of Assembly member Errigo on bribery charges. Case involves unnamed lobbyist, second Assembly member, and Rochester DOT project.
NYSNYS News 10/12/2018

Release: Prosecutors announce guilty plea by former Erie County Democratic chair Pigeon to conspiracy to have foreign national donate $25,000 to 'Public Official A' Andrew Cuomo. '“Schemes such as this... threaten our very democracy.'
NYSNYS News 10/10/2018

Release: Cuomo details $13 billion in improvements to JFK airport, including new terminals but no new runways. Press release, Youtube video, transcript iincluded.
NYSNYS News 10/5/2018

Release: Cuomo details $13 billion in improvements to JFK airport, including new terminals but no new runways. Press release, Youtube video, transcript iincluded.
NYSNYS News 10/5/2018

Release: Journalists Arbetter, Seiler and Attorney General Underwood among those being honored by the Women's Press Club on October 24.
NYSNYS News 9/30/2018

Release: Cuomo calls on Trump to demand Kavanaugh take a lie-detector test.
NYSNYS News 9/28/2018

Release: Miner says Cuomo is out of touch with reality to blame cold weather for the loss of population in upstate counties. She says both GOP and Democrats are responsible.
NYSNYS News 9/26/2018

Percoco sentencing releases: Molinaro says Cuomo aides going to jail while he 'skates free, unscatched and uninvestigated.' Miner says 'more sad days ahead' because more Cuomo cronies are going to prison.
NYSNYS News 9/21/2018

Release: Healthcare Trustees of New York State presents Trustee Leadership and Advocacy Awards to Deena Giltz McCullough of CVPH and David Prince of Olean Hospital.
NYSNYS News 9/18/2018

Release: Flanagan says Senate GOP is more important than ever now that Cuomo has lurched to the extreme left and embraced radical policies. Pardons cop killers, lets sex offenders into schools, favors socialized healthcare, sanctuary state.
NYSNYS News 9/16/2018

Release: Cuomo announces Regeneron will expand Rensselaer County campus, creating 1,500 jobs. $800 milion project getting $140 million in taxpayer subsidies.
NYSNYS News 9/12/2018

Release: Senator Dilan challenger Julia Salazar issues statement on 'demonstrably fraudulent accusations made against me years ago by the ex-wife of a family friend...I am a voice for our communities and, therefore, a threat to their power.
NYSNYS News 9/7/2018

Release: Nixon campaign says NYT endorsement of Cuomo re-election is uninspired and should embarrass him.
NYSNYS News 9/5/2018

Video: Cuomo ad attacking Molinaro as a 'Trump Mini-Me.'
NYSNYS News 8/27/2018

NYSNYS NEWS headlines posted on Sunday, August 26, 2018.
NYSNYS News 8/27/2018

Release: New video from Nixon looks back at her start as an activist 17 years ago.
NYSNYS News 8/26/2018

Release: ACLU has filed a brief supporting the NRA, saying Cuomo is trying to stifle the gun rights group's 1st amendment free speech rights.
NYSNYS News 8/26/2018

Release: Cuomo campaign says PEF has endorsed his re-election.
NYSNYS News 8/24/2018

Release: Empire Center says new DiNapoli dictate aimed at stopping public employees from opting out of paying union dues as a result of the Janus ruling.
NYSNYS News 8/23/2018

Release: NYS AFL-CIO endorses DiNapoli, James.
NYSNYS News 8/22/2018

Cuomo bill signing, chapter 201: Smoking at daycare centers.
NYSNYS News 8/21/2018

Release: Nixon posts Youtube video criticizing Cuomo for cozying up to Trump after election, then changing position once he had to run for re-election.' She notes Cuomo still refuses to return $64,000 in Trump donations.
NYSNYS News 8/21/2018

Release: Kolb says Cuomo's ugly political posturing was shameless. He contrasts Andrew's statement with Mario saying 'what a fantastic miracle of a place the United States is. It is certainly the greatest nation in world history.'
NYSNYS News 8/18/2018

Cuomo Twitter post: America is great because it rejects Trump. He also challenges president to 'bring it on.'
NYSNYS News 8/18/2018

Release: Cuomo says federal court has ruled in state's favor in case involving UnitedHealthcare and Obamacare.
NYSNYS News 8/14/2018

NYSNYS NEWS headlines posted on Saturday, August 11, 2018.
NYSNYS News 8/12/2018

NYSNYS NEWS WEEK IN REVIEW for August 4-10: Rep. Chris Collins arrested. Molinaro demands investigation of Cuomo campaign. Board of Elections reins in investigations.
NYSNYS News 8/11/2018

Release: Federal prosecutors charge Rep. Chris Collins, associates with insider trading and lying to the FBI.
NYSNYS News 8/9/2018

Release: Cuomo says Recharge NY power subsidies helping 22 employers with 6,500 workers.
NYSNYS News 8/8/2018

Release: Cuomo says Recharge NY power subsidies helping 22 employers with 6,500 workers.
NYSNYS News 8/7/2018

Releases: Hochul ad attacks Jumaane Williams on his unpaid loan, back taxes. Releases from both campaigns, with original Youtube video.
NYSNYS News 8/7/2018

NYSNYS NEWS headlines posted on Sunday, August 5, 2018.
NYSNYS News 8/6/2018

Release: U.S. Attorney Berman announces seven year prison sentence for Sheldon Silver, the former speaker of the NYS Assembly. 'He leveraged his tremendous influence to pad his bank account and line his pockets.'
NYSNYS News 7/28/2018

Release: Cuomo demands information on whereabouts of children separated from illegal immigrant parents at border.
NYSNYS News 7/27/2018

Release: Nixon says she supports Sexual Harassment Working Group demands for public hearings on Albany abuses. She says Cuomo ignored these abuses when they were brought to his attention.
NYSNYS News 7/24/2018

Release: Nixon says Cuomo is dodging reporters. She says he doesn't want to talk about his lack of small donors.
NYSNYS News 7/21/2018

Release: Nixon says Cuomo's campaign stumbled badly this week.
NYSNYS News 7/20/2018

Releases: Reaction to Kaloyeros conviction from Reinvent Albany, NYPIRG, CBC, Fiscal Policy Institute, Teachout, Kolb, Molinaro, Cox, Bharara.
NYSNYS News 7/13/2018

Releases: Transcripts and press releases from Cuomo rallies on abortion downstate, announcement on 'new actions' on same topic that include mandate for free insurance coverage of all contraception for women.
NYSNYS News 7/12/2018

NYSNYS NEWS: Rare Revolutionary War medal from the Society of the Cincinnati goes on display at Fort Ticonderoga. Video included.
NYSNYS News 7/8/2018

NYSNYS NEWS headlines posted on Thursday, June 28, 2018.
NYSNYS News 6/29/2018

Release: CSEA endorses Cuomo for re-election.
NYSNYS News 6/28/2018

Release: Molinaro names Lynn Krogh campaign manager, McLaughlin as pollster, O'Reilly as communications director, Rollins as fundraising chief.
NYSNYS News 6/15/2018

Release: Failla LGBTQ Commission of the New York State Courts 2018 lists LGBTQ Pride Month Events on June 12-15, June 18-19, June 27-28.
NYSNYS News 6/12/2018

Document: Bill memo, bill text of A11144 sports betting legislation introduced on June 8, 2018.
NYSNYS News 6/9/2018

Release: Senator Krueger among panelists at June 4 program in Albany on sexual harassment legislation. Event is moderated by WCNY's Susan Arbetter.
NYSNYS News 6/2/2018